The ‘900 cake

The ‘900 cake story begins at the end of the 19th century when the Pastry Master Chef Ottavio Bertinotti based in Ivrea (Turin)  invented this special recipe.

In 1970 Umberto Balla together with his wife Caterina and his son Stefano decided to buy the pastry shop and have been running it ever since. Today they are at the fourth generation of this simply delicious ‘900 gourmet cake.

A chocolate, light and delicate sponge cake, sliced in half and filled with a frothy chocolate cream sprinkled with powdered sugar.

It will melt in your mouth, it tastes amazing, strong but delicate. All the ingredients blend together in an irresistible treat.

Everyday, under Stefano’s guidance, the master pastry chefs prepare  many sponge bases in different sizes that are filled on the spot with delicious cream made of chocolate, butter and pastry cream.

All the cakes are composed on the spot to guarantee fresh ingredients, and they are wrapped right in front of the customer.

The company decided to protect its core business to avoid the continuous  imitations from all over the world.   The ‘900 cake was patented with number n.176.222 in August 21, 1964.