The pastry shop

Not just ‘900 cake. Once you enter the pastry shop you will immediately feel the passion that Stefano  Balla has been instilling  on for over  50 years.

You can admire local all the gourmet oven baked products (Inglesi, Plum Cake, Bismarck, Novellini, Novara), and the local products (Eporediesi, Torcetti, Brutti e Bun, paste di Meliga, Baci di Dama, polentina d’Ivrea,) but also new products because Stefano adores to experiment.

You will be overcome by how many cream puffs and biscuits you can choose. You can pick your croissant choosing if you prefer jam, chocolate or creams.

Please book your special cake. You can have meringues, all kinds of pies, and seasonal cakes with marron glacé, with fruit, puff pastry, and different types of sponges. We will assist you in your choice.