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Balla Patisserie.

The Balla patisserie is the result of Umberto Balla’s intuition in buying the patent of Torta 900 (900 cake) from Ottavio Bertinotti master confectioner in 1972.
Umberto’s managing expertise added to his wife Caterina’s energy and courtesy and their son Stefano’s ability are the basis of the success of the patisserie that has been going on for years.
Stefano, who jealously keeps the antique recipe, is today the modern protagonist of the second generation of entrepreneurs supported by his wife and two daughters.
The tradition continues and is now in the third generation.

The look and feel.

Sophisticated but cosy, Balla patisserie blends a mix of atmospheres, flavours, traditions and recipes that confirms the shop as a leader not only in -Canavese- the local market, but also across Italy.


The location of Balla patisserie is ideal especially from a historical point of view. It is based between the Dora Baltea river and Santo Stefano tower (XI century) and internally it develops in an elegant and informal space.
The patisserie guests are welcome in an environment where wood and marble opposite scenarios design the spaces in which eporediesi (people from Ivrea) and non can buy the Torta 900 or enjoy a nice breakfast or simply taste one of the delicious treats that the shop offers.

The Balla Family.

The family-run Balla company was born from a combination of know-how and passion that have been handed down from one generation to the other. Stefano Balla is the managing director and the keeper of the secret of the Torta 900 (900 cake); He is infact the only person to know the final ingredient that makes the cake unique.His wife Carmela, friendly and proficient, manages all the operational aspects of each single product.Samantha and Francesca represent the third generation of entrepreneurs; they combine past and future tracing the profile of their new activities: the restaurant and wine bar that is just round the corner and symbolises a long lasting tradition.
The “torta 900” (900 cake)
The “Torta 900” is the symbol of the patisserie. This cake was created at the end of the XIX century, from which it got its name, by the famous Ivrea confectioner Ottavio Bertinotti founder of the shop.

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